Bakery & Sweets

For the past 40 years, our Bakery has been making your special occasions extra special… and sweet!

▪︎ Delicious Cakes
▪︎ Pies
▪︎ Flaky Pastries
▪︎ Fresh Croissants
▪︎ Muffins
▪︎ Strudels
▪︎ Fresh baked Cookies
▪︎ Our Famous Custard Tarts

▪︎ Pumpernickel Bread
▪︎Sour Dough Bread
▪︎ Stuffed Breads
▪︎ Artisan bread (From Blackbird and Ace Bakery Breads)
▪︎ Organic breads
▪︎ Spelt and Whole Grain Breads
▪︎ Kaisers
▪︎ Focaccias
▪︎ Paninis
▪︎ Dinner Rolls and More

Make your special occasions memorable with our delicious cakes and sweets. In addition to our made-to-order selection, ready-to-buy cakes are also available at our bakery.

La Rocca, Euro Desserts, and Dufflets delivers the very finest cheesecakes and tortes on a daily basis. As well, we offer nut free cakes and cupcakes from Cakes by Robert.