Butcher & Seafood

If you’re looking for fresh fish and meat, we serve only the most hygienic that’s cut in the traditional manner for an authentic taste at a reasonable price.

Butcher & Seafood

Looking for fresh fish or quality meat, we serve only the best in our Butcher and Seafood department!

It is rare to have a premium quality butcher that serves fresh meat and fish on site. At Garden Foods we are proud to have 3 expert butchers in store who provide personal service and specialty cuts.

Fresh & Organic Meats & Poultry

Traditional for us does not mean old. It means sticking to the age old practice of serving what a customer needs. i.e specialty cuts, a thick steak, a marinated bird, prime rib, tenderloin or a T-bone. Our qualified butchers can give you suggestions or answer answers all your questions.

Garden Foods is proud to offer organic meats and poultry, grass fed, and antibiotic and hormone free meats. We are pleased to offer Beretta Farms, Yorkshire Valley Farms, and LiberTerre.

Fresh Seafood

We offer fresh seafood. Depending on availability, regular seafoods items include; salmon, rainbow trout, tilapia, sole, mussels and clams.

tomahawk steak