Cheese & Deli

Our Cheese and Deli offer healthy and delicious options, combined with an interesting menu and cooked to perfection.

Cheese & Deli

Our Cheese and Deli offer delicious options.

Garden Foods deli platters are made to order.

We prepare a variety of platters:

▪︎ Fruit trays
▪︎ Deli Trays
▪︎ Cheese platters
▪︎ Vegetable & Dip Platters
▪︎ Deli cheese and meat
▪︎ Prepared Wraps & Sandwhiches
▪︎ Antipasto Platters

To ensure availability, your order must be placed at least 7 days in advance.

Our Deli department serves delicious food sourced from the fresh products in our grocery. Also on display at our Deli are imported gourmet cheeses, select specialty meats, and sandwiches for every palate.

Please call the Deli Department for more information about our custom platters.